It's no big secret that pit bulls get a bad rap. You say the name and instantly people think of aggressive dogs that are dangerous. It breaks my heart every time. We got to meet another great pit mix this week for Furry Friday. His name is Harley and he's a big, loveable meatball!

Harly is around five years old and is a big boy! He's strong and muscular, but he was so gentle with us. He sat, shook, and took his treats right out of your hand. He loved to sit with us on the couch and look out the window. Harley needs to be the only dog in the family. It's not his fault, he has never been properly introduced to other dogs before. He also does not get along with cats and needs to be around older kids just because of his size. But rest assured, Harley would be a great family dog! He's loving and just needs to find the right forever home!

If you want to bring Harley home, he is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids!

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