No, not THAT Colonel Sanders!

It's a Furry Friday here at KHAK, and that means we're featuring another adorable adoptable animal that needs a new home! Today's pup is named Colonel Sanders, or Colonel for short.

Last Hope Animal Rescue

Colonel got his name for a reason, and that reason is because he likes chicken a little too much. He and his accomplice were surrendered to Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids for killing chickens. But, aside from his "prey drive," he's a real sweetheart!

Colonel is estimated to be between two to three years old, but his breed is a bit of a mystery. Last Hope believes he is some sort of shepherd mix, but there's no way to be sure. He's a big boy, though, weighing in at around 70 pounds!

His bio on Last Hope's website says, "he is friendly and kind with people, and has done especially well meeting new people and making friends." Colonel loves spending time outdoors, so he would work best in a home with an active owner to take him on walks and a big, fenced-in yard to run around in. He's a bit dog-selective, but cats, small animals, and (obviously) chickens are a HARD no.

Last Hope Animal Rescue

If you're interested in meeting or adopting Colonel, you can fill out an adoption application through Last Hope Animal Rescue's website HERE. We'd love to see Colonel find his forever home as soon as possible!

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