Let's help cool down those pups!

Our 'Furry Friday' friends over at Safe Haven of Iowa County in Amana are wonderful people. We are SO happy to work with them each month to help get dogs and cats loving homes here in Eastern Iowa!

Since Safe Haven is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations to allow them to keep rescuing pets, and to keep those pets happy and comfortable. They are currently on a mission to do just that. The organization announced a new campaign this week to raise money for a air conditioning, something their dogs have never had. The Facebook post reads:

"As many of you may know—but likely some do not—the dog side of Safe Haven has been without air conditioning since our inception. In the hot, steamy, humid Iowa summers, we’ve always made do with dehumidifiers and many industrial fans running to keep the air moving—but even then, temperatures would reach high levels. The project of installing A/C to cool an area as large as ours is a huge financial endeavor for a small non-profit animal shelter like us, which is why we haven’t pursued it in years past."
Safe Haven goes on to say that they need to upgrade some of their oldest dog kennels, but the new state-of-the-art kennels will require air conditioning for "proper and effective air circulation." That's where you come in!
As you can imagine, the new kennels are the air conditioning will be pretty expensive. Safe Haven is trying to raise $25,000 to cover the costs. If you are able to help out, there are several ways you can donate including Facebook, Venmo, PayPal,or cash/check. You can get more information on each avenue below:
  • Donate via Facebook HERE
  • Donate via Venmo: @SafeHaven-ofIowaCounty
  • Donate via PayPal Giving: Safe Haven of Iowa County
  • Mail a cash or check to PO Box 444 Williamsburg, IA 52361

Safe Haven is off to a good start with almost $3,000 in donations, but they still have a long way to go! We know that their staff, volunteers, and dogs will be very appreciative of any contribution you can make.

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