The life of a cat is often said to be an easy one. Especially if that cat lives indoors in his or her forever home. Our Furry Friday cat Bronson, hasn't enjoyed that part of his life yet. In fact, Bronson has had a rough go of it in the last several months. But we think the sky is the limit for this orange beauty!

Bronson as a stray and came to SAINT Cat Rescue with severe facial injuries. Volunteers with SAINT say that he was either hit by a car, or kicked in the face. Either way, Bronson was in need of some major surgery. Here is what he looked like before all his medical procedures.

SAINT Rescue
SAINT Rescue

Several surgeries later, and months of healing and rehabilitation have done wonders for Bronson. He is now fully healed and available for adoption at SAINT Cat Rescue in Cedar Rapids. He is a super loving cat and loves snuggling on your lap while you watch TV. He's the perfect lap cat!

Bronson is waiting to find his forever home. You can see him at SAINT Cat Rescue in Cedar Rapids. They are taking appointments for visits so you can meet Bronson and get to know him! You can also fill out paperwork to start the adoption process. Soon, you and Bronson will be sitting at home, catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows! After everything that he has been through the past several months, he's earned it!

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