Usually when we do our Furry Friday segments, we know what pet we're going to be featuring. Typically, Safe Haven of Iowa County will feature dogs that are up for adoption. But this week they mixed things up a bit and got sassy with us! Sassy is the name of the cat up for adoption at Safe Haven, and she can't wait to come and play with you!

Sassy was a local stray and rescue in the Iowa County area. She is around 3 years old so she has plenty of loving years left to give some lucky family. She is black and white in color and has longer hair, You can especially see that on her tail! So why is she named Sassy? Well this cat isn't quite ready to be a 'lay in your lap and watch TV' cat just yet! In fact, when she first got to Safe Haven, she was very timid and scared. But now that she is comfortable in her settings, her true sassy personality is coming out!

Save Haven of Iowa County
Save Haven of Iowa County

Sassy has had some interactions with dogs at Safe Haven, and so far they have gone well. A proper introduction to the right dog would probably go OK. Just remember that it could take a bit for Sassy to feel as comfortable in her new home as she does now at Safe Haven. But once she does, get ready for some full on sass!

For more information on how to adopt Sassy, visit Safe Haven of Iowa County.

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