My little snaggletoof is famous!

For our weekly Furry Friday segment, we work with four amazing local animal rescues. One of those rescues, Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids, recently hosted an annual contest that also serves as a big fundraiser for the organization. Wanting to help out, I entered my pup Tater Tot in the contest, and I'm proud to say that he was one of the winners!

Back in early November, Dogs Forever kicked off a calendar contest where anyone can enter a photo of their adorable dog for a $10 donation. Once your dog is in, the next step is to get as many votes as possible. Each vote costs $1 and all of the proceeds go right to Dogs Forever. The 13 dogs with the most votes are all featured in the calendar, with the rest used for a collage in the back.


My adopted Pug/Jack Russell mix Tater ended up with 272 votes, which landed him in 10th place! The month they selected for him was June, which is very appropriate because that's when his birthday is. I think he looks so handsome in his photo!

Crystal Renee, Facebook
Crystal Renee, Facebook

If you're interested in buying the Dogs Forever 2022 calendar, you can order one for $20 that will be available for pick-up at the shelter. Let them know that you want to be added to the list on Facebook HERE!

I loved looking through all of this year's entries, and I'm so thankful to everyone who voted for Tater to be a part of the calendar! This year's fundraiser raised $4,979 for Dogs Forever, so no matter which pup you voted for, THANK YOU!

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