When we have a dog in the studio and they tell us "now this dog is still a puppy" it usually means they a little rambunctious! We got that same warning this week when we met Lily! Sure she wiggles a lot and likes to jump when she's excited, but she is absolutely adorable! She looks like she is always smiling! Yes, she's a puppy but she'd make a great addition to an active family.

Lily was a stray, so the folks at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids literally don't know her history. They do know she is an American Bulldog mix, and she has the most amazing ears ever! They perk right up! She is currently undergoing training but already sits on command and takes her treats very gently!

If you're looking for a young dog that can run and play with the whole family then Lily is your girl! Just avoid cats, please. Contact Dogs Forever for more information on how to bring her home today!

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