We've had some dogs come visit us recently on Furry Friday that have been a little older. But hey, age is just a number! Our new pal Jack showed us that again this week! Jack is 10 years old, but you'd never guess it. This guy has energy for days!

Jack came into the studio with a tennis ball in his mouth. It was clearly his favorite toy. I swear he'd fetch that thing until he passed out! Jack is a rat terrier mix but honestly looks a lot like a Jack Russell Terrier with longer legs. And those ears! So cute! He is an older dog and a bit set in his ways, so he'd like to be the only dog in your family and would do best with older children.

If you're looking for a well behaved, fun-loving dog than you need to know Jack! You can adopt him today by visiting him at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids!

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