The term 'double trouble' came to mind when I saw that we would have not one, but two dogs in the studio this week. But we soon found out that there was no trouble to be found. Just two sweet dogs looking for their forever home! Casey and Noah are a couple of pit mixes that came from different backgrounds but have suddenly become inseparable!

Casey and Noah were both strays before they found their way to Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. But once they found each other, there was no separating them! They have bounded and now want to find a home together! Yes, these two sweethearts are a bounded pair. They would be in utter despair without each other! They're both around 11 years old so they're both relaxed and love to lounge!

If you want two new companions in your life, Casey and Noah would love to come hang out! Find out how to adopt them by visiting Dogs Forever.

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