We love meeting new friends every Furry Friday. This week we met one of the nicest, well behave gentleman ever! Charger was an owner surrender and is currently at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. His owners had numerous dogs and Charger began to feel a little overwhelmed. But the dog that we met this week was nothing short of one of the most well behaved we've ever seen.

Charger is 4 years old and is a lab-pit mix. He has the awesome lab coat but he has that wider pit head on him. He does get along well with other dogs if properly introduced. We're not sure about cats, so let's just keep those out of the equation for now. Charger has also had some training out at Kirkwood too! He knows sit, shake, and also laid down on command too! He took each treat from us gently and always sat and shook your hand when he was done!

If you want an awesome dog that already has had training that loves an active lifestyle then Charger is your boy! You can find out more about how to adopt him by visiting Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids.

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