OK, I get it. Not every dog we have up on a Furry Friday is going to love me, no matter how much I want them to. Many of the dogs that come up haven't been in such a busy social setting before. Zuri was a little overwhelmed when she came to visit us this week. The adorable Blue Heeler mix has beautiful markings on her body and cool looking brown eyes with just a hint of blue in them too. I wanted to pet her and love her. She wasn't interested. But when you are brought up to the fourth floor of a building you've never been in and meet four new people you've never seen before it can be a bit much.

Fortunately, Zuri gets along with others just fine. She is around 2 years old and is currently at Safe Haven of Iowa County. She gets along with other dogs, doesn't mind cats, and I'm certain she'd have warmed up to me too if we had enough time. If you're interested in Zuri, contact Safe Haven on how to bring her home!

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