There are certain dog breeds that Courtlin and I are suckers for. I love Labs and German Shepherds. Courtlin loves her Pugs and Boston Terriers. This Furry Friday, Courtlin got her wish as we got to meet Blossom the Boston Terrier!

Blossom's story is a bit of a sad one. She was very happy with her owner until that person had to be put into a nursing home. Now Blossom is looking for her next home to live the good life! We believe that she is around 10 years old, but you would never know it! She is full of life, energy, and love. There is a catch though. She has to be the only dog in the house. What can we say? She's a princess.

Blossom is available for adoption at Safe Haven of Iowa County. She would love to come home and show you her butt wiggles! Bring her home today!

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