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There is just something about puppies that is magical. Their cute little faces. Their adorably bad puppy breath. Their playful attitude. Puppies are typically adopted quickly so we rarely have them on Furry Fridays, but we got to meet two of them this week! Schroeder and Peppermint Patty are just two from a litter of five puppies that need new homes soon!

These pups are a mix of German Shepherd and Pit Bull. They are adorable! Their coloring and coats remind me a lot of the German Shepherd in them. The five little guys and gals are currently at Safe Haven of Iowa County. They'll officially be available for adoption NEXT week. But you can still stop out and visit them! Make no doubt about it, these cuties will go quick!

If you have any questions about these adorable puppies or want more information on how to adopt, visit Safe Haven of Iowa County.

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