Many of the dogs that we have in for Furry Friday have energy. But none have done laps in the studio like our new friend Pamela! This four-year-old new mom is ready for a life of fun!

We actually got to meet some of Pamela's puppies a few weeks ago. Several remain for adoption. But mom needs a great home too! Pamela is around 4 years old and is a terrier mix. She is a great mom and also gets along with other dogs too. And boy does she like to play! Once she warmed up to us, she began doing laps in the KHAK studio! She loved jumping up and landing on our couch. She is full of fun and would love to find her forever home soon.

Pamela is currently at Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids. If you're looking for a fun-loving energetic pet, Pamela is your dog!

*Furry Friday is brought to you by Theisen's Home, Farm, Auto.

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