Sometimes when we have dogs visit us on Furry Fridays, we know what breed they are. Sure, they might be a mix of several breeds, or they could be purebred. But this week when we asked what kind of dog Crush was, the answer was, you know...I'm not sure! So we've deemed him 100% purebred adorable!

Crush is currently up for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. He's had a tough road back after suffering some leg and back injuries. That's a tough thing for a dog to go through in his just 1 year of life. That's right, Crush is just a pup! After having a broken back leg and some back issues, Crush is fully healed and available for adoption. And he's a gem! He gets along with other dogs, cats, AND kids! What's not to love!

If you want to bring this young, lovable puppy home to you and your family, contact Last Hope today!

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