Our Furry Friday dog this week once again came with a bit of a heartbreaking story. We got to meet Kaiya, and right away you notice things about her. First of all, she is full of energy and love. She gave us kisses all over and wanted to be around us and ON us too! The other thing you'll notice is that she only has one eye. Kaiya was discovered by and Iowa State Trooper as she came up and out of a ditch. When she was found she had suffered a severe injury to one of her eyes. It was in her best interest to simply have it removed.

Kaiya has missed a beat! She is such a well behaved and loving dog. Her one eye certainly doesn't slow her down! She is currently available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. At only a year and half, she has plenty of love to give. She has overcome so much already. She deserves to go to a great loving home like yours!

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