We get to see and meet so many different and unique dog breeds on Furry Fridays and this week was no exception. Hound dogs are very unique dogs. They're vocal, they love to use their nose, and they're beautiful! That perfectly describes our new pal Hunter who is available for adoption at Safe Haven of Iowa County.

Hunter is a hound dog and is a gorgeous brindle color. He is around two to three years old and he had that hound dog nose of his going right when he met us! He could sniff out a treat like you wouldn't believe! Hunter is also quite vocal but that goes along with the breed as well. He gets along just fine with other dogs but needs to be kept away from cats. He also has undergone some obedience training and was very well behaved in the KHAK studios!

If you want to take Hunter home, you can check him out at Safe Haven of Iowa County. This hound dog is a keeper!

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