It's not an uncommon occurrence for us to have two or more dogs visit us on Furry Fridays. Many of the dog duos come to their respective shelters together and end up going to different homes. But this week, or two friends Ruby and Tiny need to be a package adoption. These two pups were owner surrenders. They are around 8 years old and they've never lived without one another.

As you can imagine, Ruby and Tiny are very fond of each other. So if you want one, you get the other! Who would want to break up a couple of best friends anyway! The dynamic duo is currently at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. They will be up for adoption by May, but they need to get up to date on medical treatments and other things before they can go to their new forever home.

So you can send in your adoption applications to Dogs Forever now and have these two besties home before summer hits!

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