Rescue dogs come from all kinds of places. Some of their stories break our hearts. This week, we got to meet Gypsy. She is currently at Last Hope Animal Rescue. How did she end up there? She was an owner surrender. We're not going to get into specifics, but they simply didn't want her anymore. By no fault of her own, Gypsy needs a new home.

Gypsy is around seven years old and appears to be a pit mix, but the first thing you notice about her are those ears! They stand straight up at attention! Gypsy is such a loving girl. She loves to cuddle and is very well behaved. She took her treats like a pro. It's hard to believe that someone could actually want to get rid of this amazing dog!

If you would like to bring Gypsy home, you can find out more about how to adopt her at Last Hope Animal Rescue.

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