We don't get many puppies on Furry Fridays, but last week we got two! We also don't see very many purebred Labs either. But this week we got to meet Fiona, a lab with tons of love and energy to share!

Fiona was an owner surrender. Her previous owners apparently had several small children and didn't have the time to properly devote to her. It's too bad because Fiona is an absolute gem of a dog. She is around five or six years old and is a black lab. She doesn't mix well with cats but does get along with everyone else! She has that lab smile on her face all the time! If you've ever wanted to add a Labrador retriever to your family, you will LOVE Fiona!

Fiona is currently available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids. She is also looking for a possible foster home too. If you want a dog that is all about unconditional love, then bring home Fiona today!

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