You can tell a lot about what a dog has been through when you meet him or her for the first time. This week, we got to meet Bernie. He's up for adoption and our featured dog this week on Furry Friday. He is currently at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. When I walked through the doors of the KHAK studio to see Bernie for the first time, he retreated, put his tail between his legs, and wanted nothing to do with me. He was slightly more responsive to Courtlin and Amanda with Last Hope. A dog that doesn't like men. There was probably a reason why.

Bernie actually came to Last Hope from a kill shelter. But he was rescued and saved from that cruel fate. He is around 2 years old and is a black, terrier mix. He did begin to warm up to us the more he was around us, and Amanda told us that he's been doing doggy daycare and has been getting along very well with the other dogs. In fact, Bernie may do better in a home that has another dog already.

Bernie is a sweet dog and is the perfect size for even a smaller home. Having a fenced-in yard is a must as he does like to move around and be active! Bernie ready to put a painful past behind him and find his forever home. A home that will appreciate him for the great dog he is! Visit Last Hope Animal Shelter and fill out your application now.

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