What is it about puppies that captivate us? Oh, that's right. They're cute as heck! We got to meet another cutie for this week's Furry Friday. Her name is Clover and she is pretty special. Not only is she adorable, but she is a rare breed too.


Clover is a Blue Heeler, Australian Cattle dog mix. While right now that means she has adorable markings and is cute to cuddle with, later in life it means her owners need to know that she is a herder. She'll want to chase certain things. The folks at Dogs Forever have ruled out cats for Clover already. But she does get along very well with her littermates and other dogs.

Clover is around two and a half months old, has already been spayed and is looking for her forever home! Just try and say no to that puppy face! She is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids.

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