Let's face it. Puppies wreck your heart the moment you see them. Imagine how we felt when our Furry Friday dog Jasper rolled in this week! First, he's a puppy. But second, just look at those eyes!


One look and it was over! Jasper is around 17 weeks old and has to have a little bit of Huskie in him. Someone is responsible for those amazing eyes. He is currently at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. He loves people and gets along great with other dogs too! He knows 'sit' and takes his treats, but he's obviously young and still needs some training.

I'm not sure how you can resist Jasper. Can we have a full-time station puppy? No? Well, you better adopt him quick before someone else takes him home! Visit Last Hope for more information on how to make Jasper a member of your family!

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