When you're trying to get dogs adopted, there usually isn't much of a problem getting puppies into new homes. They're cute, cuddly and who doesn't want one! Several weeks ago, we featured a group of seven puppies from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. Can you believe that only ONE has found a new home? That means that there are still six left including our friend Grumpy!

Now Grumpy is the least 'grumpy' puppy we've ever met. He was a bit shy to start but once he warmed up and had a treat he turned on that puppy charm! He and his siblings are around 13 weeks old and are adorable! They obviously get along with other dogs, and are young enough that they can be trained to love cats too! If you want to bring Grumpy or any of his siblings home check them out at Last Hope in Cedar Rapids!

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