We see dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes on Furry Fridays. This week, our dog is of the older variety. When you hear that a dog is 15 years old, you might wonder if they can still move around. But our friend Harley has no such problems! This super senior dog is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids.

Harley is around 40 pounds, so he'd fit right into any size home. He gets along with other dogs just fine. He even gets along with cats. Although we're not sure if that's because he just can't see them. Go ahead, make your old dog jokes. Harley is ready to be loved and is looking for his forever home. He was a bit treat selective when he visited us in the KHAK studios. But hey, when you've lived as much as Harley has you get to be picky!

Check out the video of our boy Harley and bring him home today!

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