Every week we honor another awesome teacher in the local area with our ‘Teacher of the Week’ award!

Congratulations to Cherylann Stewart, who was a teacher at Kirkwood Community College. She is this week’s ‘Teacher of the Week!” She was nominated by Cortney Price back in December. Here’s what she had to say:

“Cherylann is a very giving and caring teacher. She has been teaching for 40 years as an agriculture instructor at Kirkwood Community College and also worked as a high school agricultural teacher. After this fall semester is over, she will be done teaching. I have learned way more from her in the first semester I have been at Kirkwood Community College, then my 4 years in high school. I believe she is a very strong nominee for "Teacher of the Week" because of everything she does for any student. She does not want to quit teaching, but needs time with family now. She says she will miss us all and cries every time she talks about it.”

Cherylann will be receiving gift cards from Wild Hogs in Walford, Peck’s Flower Shop, Half Price Books, and Kathy’s Pies.

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