A lot of attention was being paid this week to who was or wasn't doing the radio broadcast for the Iowa basketball game at Ohio State. Head coach Fran McCaffery took care of that following last night's loss to the Buckeyes. McCaffery is accused of verbally abusing a referee following Iowa's 90-70 loss.

Both Fran and his son Connor got technical fouls late in the second half of Tuesday night's loss. After the game, Fran let one of the refs have it in the tunnel. This is all according to an employee with the Toledo Blade and Columbus Dispatch. Fran is accused of yelling "You cheating m---- f-----! You are a f---ing disgrace!"

McCaffery was asked about the encounter at his post-game press conference and simply stated that he "couldn't talk about that." He's right. If a coach makes disparaging comments about the officiating after a game, they can face disciplinary action from their school and the Big 10. But what happens if you verbally abuse one after the game is over? What happens then?

Iowa fans love it when their coach is fired up and intense. But not when it leads to confrontations like this. I don't mind Fran yelling during games, within reason. I even understand getting a technical from time to time. But this goes beyond that. This points to a larger problem with anger issues and it reflects poorly on the program. Something it doesn't need any more of right now.

It also distracts from what has been a fun season of Iowa basketball. The Hawkeyes are sitting at 21 wins. They're going to the NCAA Tournament come March. These are things that we should be pumped up about. But instead, we're treated to headlines about suspended broadcasters and a coach who at least for a moment, was out of control. If Fran is found to be guilty of the verbal attack against the ref, it will be interesting to see what the conference and Iowa does. They need to get something right this month.


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