This is shaping up to be the summer of puppies on Furry Fridays! We've had so many little guys and gals stop by and see us and this week we got to meet Nile! With a name like Nile, he has to be named after Iowa football legend Nile Kinnick, right? Either that or Nial Horan from One Direction but I digress. Nile is around 12 weeks old and he has a little lab in him for sure! He has gigantic paws too so look for Nile to grow up to be a big boy!

Nile gets along with other dogs just fine but needs to be kept away from cats, He's just a bit too interested in them at this time. He already knows some basic commands and picks them up fast. He's one smart puppy! If you would like more information on how to make Nile a part of your family, he is available for adoption at Safe Haven of Iowa County. 

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