According to Delish, Peeps wants to expand from being just everyone's favorite Easter candy and one way they are doing this is by making a Peeps cereal! In the past, Peeps has been known only as the Easter candy and always seem to be the one's that all stores are out of pretty quickly.

However, lately the company has wanted to expand from just being an Easter candy and take on other forms during the holidays and year. Earlier this month, they tested out this idea by coming out with a Peeps coffee creamer. This mus have gone pretty well because they have now hit the stores with the new Peeps cereal!

What does it taste like? Well, according to Delish, someone has tried it already and given their opinion. They said that it has the same texture as Apple Jacks, and the pieces taste just like Peeps marshmallows. The best of both worlds!

If this becomes a hit, I wonder what is next? If it involves Peeps, I am sure there can be no wrong done... well, hopefully not.

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