America asked, begged, and pleaded, and now Post Cereals is bringing back a cereal they sold for more than 20 years, before pulling it from store shelves three years ago.

Crediting petitions on, Post has announced they're putting Waffle Crisp back into stores. When you don't have the time or patience to make actual waffles, the cereal is a perfect substitute. Sara Patterson, one of the petition-starters on, said,

I have searched near and far to find something that compares to the delicious maple syrupy squares, but alas, nothing prevailed. The little squares soak up the milk perfectly, they maintain a crispy outside while flavoring the milk to taste like the best breakfast you can imagine... It is so unique and intriguing that on top of the die hard waffle crisp fans, the newcomers wouldn't be able to resist giving it a try.

How in the world do you say 'no' to that? Post Cereals couldn't. They announced they're bringing back Waffle Crisp, in a two-pound two-ounce (34-ounce) bag that's resealable. That begs the question, why aren't ALL cereal bags resealable? Sorry, I digress. Look for Waffle Crisp at select Walmart stores. I think I'll also grab some Honeycomb. That's long been one of my favorites, as well. I'm guilty of eating it without milk probably more often than with. However, I'm guessing I'm not alone.

According to KETV, Waffle Crisp was originally sold from 1996 through 2018.

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