Earlier this week, a Fong's Pizza location over in Des Moines made national headlines after debuting a unique breakfast pizza. Now, the Cedar Rapids location is getting in on the action!

In case you missed it, Fong's on Forest in Des Moines went viral this past week for their Loopy Fruit Pizza. The pizza, topped with Fruit Loops, mozzarella cheese, and a cream cheese base, was discussed on all forms of social media. It was even featured on an episode of The Tonight Show and in an article from Today! You can check out a clip from the show HERE.

We talked about the Loopy Fruit Pizza on the air and even mentioned that we would be willing to try it, but, at the time, it was only available in Des Moines. Well, not anymore! The Cedar Rapids Fong's Pizza made a big announcement on Facebook yesterday:

The craze has hit locally! You've asked and so we present to you the Loopy Fruit pizza! With Quaker so close, we also invite you to wake up and smell the Crunch Berries. The Loopy Fruit pizza and the Berry Crunch pizza are both available starting this weekend!

So, not only will the location at 1006 3rd St SE have the Loopy Fruit Pizza, but they're adding a Cedar Rapids-inspired Berry Crunch Pizza, too! I'm not a huge fan of Froot Loops, but I LOVE Crunch Berries, so this is one I can definitely get onboard with! Check out the photos below:

The craze has hit locally! You've asked and so we present to you the Loopy Fruits pizza! With Quaker so close, we also...

Posted by Fong's Pizza - Cedar Rapids on Thursday, March 4, 2021

If you try one of these breakfast pizzas this weekend, PLEASE give us a review! We'd love to hear about your experience!

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