How many of you were lucky enough to score a box of Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark's new cereal? If so, lucky you! But before you sit it away as merely a display item in your home or office, you might want to check your box for a HUGE prize!

Caitlin Clark launched her 'Crunch Time' cereal in a partnership with Hy-Vee Food Stores early this year. All the proceeds from sales of the cereal will go straight to the Caitlin Clark Foundation whose mission is to "uplift and improve the lives of youth and their communities through education, nutrition, and sport." Needless to say, as with all things Caitlin Clark, boxes flew off store shelves in record time. Many fans wanted to keep the boxes unopened as a memento of Clark's greatness. But if you never open the box, you won't know if you win a pretty amazing prize!

What many fans, including myself, didn't realize is that inside certain boxes of Clark's cereal, is a certificate good for a free autographed basketball from Caitlin Clark! According to the official rules page from Hy-Vee, 19,202 boxes of 'Crunch Time' were distributed to Hy-Vee stores. 10 of those boxes of cereal have a certificate inside good for the autographed basketball. That means your odds of winning are 1 in 1,902. Certainly better than playing the lottery!

Of course, the real challenge is finding boxes of 'Crunch Time' still in stores. If you can't find any, the sweepstakes rules state that you can also request a sweepstakes entry form at customer service at participating Hy-Vee stores.

So carefully open up your box of 'Crunch Time' and let us know if you win an autographed basketball from Caitlin Clark!

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