There's just something about puppies that wiggle their way right into your heart. That's what happened this week when we met our Furry Friday pal Dasher! Dasher is one of four remaining puppies from a liter from late in 2019. And he and his siblings would love a new forever home in 2020!

Dasher is a Shephard mix and has a lot of extra skin hanging around. What does that mean? Couple that with his large paws and Dasher is going to be a pretty big adult dog someday! He may be cute and small now, but he'll grow quick! He is a little lover though and got along with everyone in the KHAK studio just fine!

Once again, Dasher and his three siblings are currently at Last Hope Shelter in Cedar Rapids. Don't wait too long to fill out your application, these puppies will go quick! Just make sure you have room in your home for fast-growing Dasher!

*Furry Friday is brought to you by Theisen's Home, Farm, Auto.

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