Several videos have popped up on the internet in the past couple months of a new, hilarious game, and we are hoping to find a way to play it!

Anybody who has ever been to an orthodontist understands the "joy" of having your mouth propped open by a giant plastic device. The worst part about it is when the person working on your teeth tries to have a conversation with you and you can barely talk! We aren't sure what the name of the item is, but we are hoping to find out where we can get one, because it makes for a hilarious party game! Check out this viral video from YouTube star Joe Santagato (WARNING - There is some very NSFW language, so watch at your own risk) (WARNING #2 - You might cry from laughing so hard):

The idea is based off of a bit done on "The Late Late Show by James Corden":

We obviously want to play this game on the air, but we could use some help locating one of these mouthguard-like devices. Does anyone know where we could get some for a good price? Any help you can offer would be fantastic! Let us know in the comments.

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