Photo: Jade Peterson
Photo: Jade Peterson

Everyone loves a survey. Especially when you rank high in the statistics.

And looking down the list of cities considered to be the best places in the USA to start a business, I was happy to find there was at least one Iowa town listed in the Top 100.

Coming in 77th place (drumroll, please) in this survey of over 1,200 small towns is...

Iowa City! 

Wallet Hub's latest survey ranked Clinton at #299Dubuque came in at #421. Burlington hit the list at #437. Marion ranked #766 and Bettendorf made the cut, coming in at #1119.

The survey takes plenty of factors into account, like Most-Educated Workforce, Most Accessible Financing, and Cheapest Office Spaces.

And when it comes to larger towns, a separate Wallet Hub survey of nearly 200 cities ranked Cedar Rapids at #115, and Des Moines at #120, each beating bigger places like Milwaukee, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

As a former Quad Cities resident, I was sorry to see that Davenport didn't make the list on either survey! Hey, Davenport may be a dump, but it's better than Clinton...(I'm just kidding!)

Source: WalletHub
Source: WalletHub


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