One of the pieces of legislation that President George H.W. Bush will most be remembered for is the American with Disabilities Act. The bill aimed to make public areas more accessible to people with disabilities. Veteran's Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids is close to finishing a new renovation which will make the ballpark ADA compliant.

A multi-year facelift on the stadium is nearly complete and will feature more room for fans who use walkers and wheelchairs, and more room in restrooms among other improvements. All in all, the project cost over $220,000. Officials say becoming fully ADA compliant is an important message that everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy baseball at Veteran's Memorial Stadium.

All improvements to the Kernel's stadium were looked at and approved by the U.S. Department of Justice. The project will be done in the spring after renovations are completed in the stadium parking lot.


[via CBS2]

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