Ever since establishments started relaxing mask rules for vaccinated patrons, I and many others have wondered how it's going to be enforced. The best answer we've found is that it's on the "honor system" as another organization now says if you've had the shot, you don't need to mask up.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels announced Monday that when attending games at Veterans Memorial Stadium, the fully vaccinated can be free of face-coverings, at all times. This is a change that comes six games into the season when up until now, the only time you didn't have to wear a mask was while actively eating or drinking.

Why did they decide to not require masks?

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Major League Baseball operates the minor leagues including the Kernels, and has allowed for this and some other changes for minor league fans too. Teams in the minors can now sell tickets near the dugouts and bullpens. That was not previously allowed this season in an effort to promote social distancing.

Is this a permanent change?

Keep in mind, changes in COVID-19 protocols are set by the MLB month-to-month so things are always changing but the bottom line is, the mask is no longer required for Kernels fans who have been vaccinated as of now. In a normal season, players can also live with host families. That's not happening right now as they are staying in hotels, but that's another change that could go back to normal as early as June.

The Kernels start a 12-game homestand tonight (weather permitting) so this is great timing for fans.

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