Just like most people who live in the Midwest, I always get excited when the weather starts to warm up, but then I very quickly remember why I prefer the spring and the fall.

I know people are going to be mad at me for this, but I kind of think summer sucks a little bit. Don't get me wrong, there are some things I enjoy about summer. I love going out to eat on a patio, fair food, the abundance of outdoor concerts, and having a beer at a bonfire when the sun goes down, but I would enjoy those things much more if it wasn't so dang hot! Honestly, I think I would be happiest if the temperature never went above 60 degrees. No judgement to all of the summer-lovers out there, but if you think I'm nuts, just let me explain why I have this unpopular opinion:


Summer just isn't as fun when you're a super sweaty person. When it's hot outside, I get real sweaty, real quick. It's especially embarrassing when you get up from a chair and it's covered in thigh sweat, or your back sweat shows through your shirt. OR, ladies... boob sweat. You know what I'm talking about.


Need I say more???


I don't know about you, but my backyard in the summer is basically a giant bug party. There are horrifyingly massive spiders hiding in my grass, all sorts of bees and wasps flying around, big, ugly beetles, and a seemingly endless number of gnats and mosquitos. There's nothing worse than itchy mosquito bites on your feet and ankles. It's unbearable!


I've got two words for you: chub rub. I know shorts are kind of a necessity in the summer, but my big, meaty thighs prefer to be covered. Have you ever walked around an amusement park all day in the heat and ended up with giant scabs on your inner thighs? Because I have, and it's ridiculously painful.

High Electricity Bills

Cranking the AC when it's 100 degrees outside may feel great initially, but it doesn't feel as good when you get your bill a month later and you owe more than double what you normally do.

Mowing the Lawn

I don't mind mowing my backyard so much during the spring, but I just have no desire to do it when it's above 80 degrees. I always have to jump in the shower immediately afterwards to wash off all the sweat and grass-smell.

Getting Into a Hot Car

ESPECIALLY if there are leather seats. Ouch!

Hair Problems

I spent an hour curling my hair for a wedding a couple weekends ago, and it lasted about 15 minutes. There's really nothing I can do to make my hair look good in the summer. It always falls and then gets all matted underneath and eventually ends up in a chaotic bun on top of my head. I always consider chopping it all off before the season hits, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

And speaking of hair, having to shave my legs all the time is a pain in the butt. In the winter, I can get a little lazy. But in the summer, legs are on full display and I feel weird if you can see my blonde leg hair glistening in the sunlight. Plus, razors are kind of expensive!


Now that you've heard my unpopular opinion, let's hear yours! Leave it in the comments so we can see how many people agree with you.

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