We are right in the heart of sweet corn season! No doubt you and your family have probably enjoyed some already this summer. I grew up on a farm and we always had a sweet corn patch each year. I have memories of eating corn until my gut was busting at the seams! My mom had one tried and true way of preparing our corn. Here are some sweet corn cooking basics!

The first method is the one my parents always used which is boiling. Fill your pan with enough water to cover the corn, then bring to a boil. If the corn is fresh, you may only need to boil it three to five minutes, but you probably will end up closer to the six to eight-minute range.

Now that I have a family of my own, we just microwave our sweet corn. This is a great method for cooking a few ears at a time. You can microwave them in the husk, or wrap them in plastic wrap like we do. About four to five minutes on each side and you're good to go!

The method that has really gained a lot of popularity is grilling your sweet corn. Just peel back the husk, leave it attached and put them right on the grill. You can add some olive oil and season too if you like. Cook over a medium grill rotating evenly until the kernels turn a golden brown in spots.

Or if you want someone else to cook your corn the St. Jude's Sweet Corn festival kicks off tonight in Cedar Rapids! The event runs through Sunday at St. Jude Church off of Edgewood Road. Click HERE for a schedule of events!

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