As many of you know, I grew up on a farm in Eastern Iowa. That life blessed me with many things. Wide open space, an appreciation for rural life, and access to corn-fed Iowa beef! My dad raised Angus cattle and I grew up taking for granted the fact that we always had a freezer full of fresh ground beef and steaks at the ready. We didn't have beef every night of course. But I enjoyed a nice cut of steak more often than the average kid growing up. Now I won't say that it made me a full fledged expert on how to cook a steak, but it certainly proved that there are ways to do it, and ways NOT to.

And it's not just ME judging you on the way you cook your steak. A new survey found that nearly half of us judge people on how they like their steak cooked. 53% claim they would dump someone if they cooked one the 'wrong' way! I don't believe in that. I believe in education. Teach someone the proper way to have a steak cooked. Most people when asked how they like their steak cooked, respond Medium and Medium-Rare. Each got about one third of the vote. Next up was Rare at 15%, Medium-Well at 11%, and Well-Done at 10%.

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I understand that the way you eat your steak is a matter of personal preference. Honestly the only way the personally offends me is ordering one well-done. It just seems to take all the taste out of the steak. I enjoy my steak lightly seasoned, seared for several minutes, and then grilled to what I consider to medium, leaning towards medium-well. I like my steak to have that warm, pink center, but not be bleeding on the plate.

And also, if you season and cook your steak properly, you won't need any type of steak sauce. And if you use ketchup, well, you're a monster and there is no hope for you.


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