Nothing says summer in Iowa like diving into several ears of home grown sweet corn. I remember my dad growing a patch of sweet corn each summer. Good years, we had plenty for ourselves and many of our friends and neighbors too. Down years, we didn't have as much. But, that's farming in Iowa. Nothing beats an ear of sweet corn, soaked with melted butter. I won't reveal how many ears I've eaten at once. Let's just say there were consequences. I was sad to learn this week that one of my favorite spots to get amazing sweet corn has decided to close after 35 years in business.

A friend and listener turned me on to Rebal's Sweet Corn several years ago. The family farm is located on Highway 1 near Solon. Many of you probably drive by and see the sign advertising sweet corn for sale every day. A lot of you have also probably stopped and realize what I came to know after my first ear of Rebal's corn. It is the best and sweetest I've ever tasted. So needless to say, my heart sank when that same friend who turned me on to their gourmet sweet corn several years ago, shared this message from Rebal's Facebook page.

35 years in business is a long time, and lets face it. Picking sweet corn isn't the easiest job in the world either! While I'm sad that they won't be selling their amazing corn after this season, I can understand why they feel the time is right to stop.

If you're a devoted fan of Rebal's Sweet Corn like I am, you're also probably wondering when the best time to get a final few dozens will be. According to their Facebook page, they'll be picking and selling again this Friday, and also over the weekend. The dry weather has left a little uncertainty of how later patches will turn out. So if you're looking for the best Iowa sweet corn you've ever tasted, head to Rebal's, one last time.

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