This Saturday, May 11 is the Community-Wide Garage Sale sponsored by KHAK and Dupaco Community Credit Union. Click HERE to check out the sales in the Cedar Rapids metro. To make sure you get the most out of your shopping and buying experience, we respectfully submit this cheeky-but-appropriate guide to keep everyone on their best behavior.

For Sellers:

Thou Shall Not Price Items Too High- We know you still love your childhood baseball card collection. But it's really not worth as much as you think.

Thou Shall Not Run Short of Correct Change - If you cannot make correct change on a sale, then do the right thing and knock off a buck or two on the price in the buyer's favor.

Thou Shall Not Bait and Switch - Don't be misleading in your sale ad. If you say you have tons of video games, then you better have 'em there if I'm the first to arrive

Thou Shall Not BS About Working Condition of Sale Item - If the iron, vacuum or boombox only works some of the time, you'd better tell the buyer that! Appliance Karma is real and you may risk your other stuff breaking down if you fib about the stuff you're selling!

Thou Shall Not Steal or Tear Up Neighbors' Garage Sale Signs - Now who would do a thing like that? Trust me, it happens! Don't be stupid and selfish, more yard sales on your block are actually the best thing you could hope for! It really draws more traffic than the other way around.

For Buyers:

Thou Shall Not Haggle Too Much - It's a garage sale, not a hostage situation where you need to give ultimatums like Liam Neeson. Don't be so cheap that you spoil the fun of it all.

Thou Shall Not Let Your Kids Touch Every Damn Item for Sale - It's perfectly fine to handle the merchandise as much as you want, and your kids are free to do so as well. But do they really need to touch everything? No, they do not.

Thou Shall Not Complain Out Loud That Things Are Priced Too High - It's absolutely fine if you want to offer me a price you think is fair. No need to bark out your opinion that something is overpriced, even if it is! Bid me down and let's make a deal!

Thou Shall Not try to Buy Items That Are Obviously NOT FOR SALE - Sorry, but the nice stuff and especially really nice stuff in here doesn't have price tags on it for a very good reason: IT"S MY STUFF and it's not for sale.

Thou Shall Not Ask To Use the Bathroom - Sorry, we may be neighbors but if we're not friends, then it's not appropriate to ask to use the commode. We're not trying to be snooty, it 's just a bit weird and no one wants an unwelcomed surprise like that!

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