We all know how garage sales work. We clean out things in our homes that we no longer need, and attempt to sell them to people who still find these items desirable. Susie Dale of Cedar Rapids did just that this weekend. She even cleaned out some of her husband"s old vinyl records that were eating up space. But one of those records that sold at the sale on Friday proved to be worth more than the $2 it sold for.

Unknown to Susie, one of the albums that sold Friday was a Kiss album signed by Gene Simmons. She had no idea what had happened until her husband discovered it was gone. Susie then took to social media in a plea for the person who bought the album to please return it. Her husband Pat had even offered to pay $50 for the LP's safe return. Susie even offered to throw in a treadmill to sweeten the deal. It turns out none of it was needed.

Around 8 a.m. Saturday, the person who had bought the 1977 Kiss album 'Kiss Alive 2' signed by Gene Simmons returned it to its original owner. The buyer, who wants to remain anonymous, didn't take the $50 or the treadmill. They only wanted their $2 back. Pat got his album back and all is right with the world. If only Susie could get rid of that treadmill.


[via Gazette]

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