Garage Sale season is here, and once again we've teamed up with Dupaco Community Credit Union to present the Dupaco Community Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 11.

Get ready for the return of this popular spring tradition by following these five golden rules:

GOLDEN RULE #5: Know What are the Hottest Garage Sale Items to Buy - We all love a great bargain. But some of the best pickings at garage sales are for hot items that are priced to steal. Meaning the owners either don't know or don't care that their original mint-condition vinyl Beatles albums are beyond bargain priced at 50 cents each. Some of those collectibles can be worth thousands of dollars. Heck, the American Pickers have made an entire career of bargain shopping.

GOLDEN RULE #4: Know What Items Bring in the Most Money - With enough searching you can find just about anything at a garage sale, from gaskets to caskets. But if you're selling, some things regularly bring in more money, because they are the most sought after items according to  Their top five include:

  • Jackets
  • Tools
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Appliances
  • and #1 bottled water!

Wait, what?!?  Yep, at $1.00 or even 50 cents each, bottled water is sometimes the best seller at garage sales.

GOLDEN RULE #3: Garage Sale Items That Sell like Hotcakes - This website offers a helpful guide for you to sift through for a list of best selling items that are not only popular but sometimes uncommonly absent in many garage sales. Books and gently used clothing are always a good draw, but so are vintage dishes, board games, camping gear, and costume jewelry.

GOLDEN RULE #2: Know Your Stuff - Pricing everything properly, from your vintage collectibles to every well-read paperback novel, is a must. Don't overprice things but don't shortchange yourself either. And remember, at a yard sale, if it's in the's for sale.

GOLDEN RULE #1: Your Best Resources Are Free - Our friends at Dupaco Community Credit Union are all about thrift, so hosting a community-wide garage sale is a natural fit. Use their free resources to help promote your sale with free directory listings, and fun kits for the kids to help you create signs with stickers and balloons.

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