The news is quick to grab on to stories that shed a negative light on something. Take Pokemon Go. All you hear and see are stories that paint the people who play it as zombies, careless and foolish. And yes, while there are those people out there, many people play it responsibly and safely. I credit Pokemon Go with finding some amazing records that I added to my collection yesterday.

Chase wanted to walk around our neighborhood yesterday and hunt for Pokemon. So I got all three kids outside to take a nice long walk. We got a few blocks away and I saw a sign for a garage sale. Any vinyl collector knows you simply can't risk passing up a chance to find some buried treasures in some guys garage. So we put the Pokemon on hold and checked out the sale. Buried amidst a stack of old records were some vintage Johnny Cash albums!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

I took them home, cleaned them up and they play great! Would I have found them if Pokemon Go hadn't led me out my door and on that walk? You're bound to hear more stories about how Pokemon led people into more trouble. But Pokemon led me to Cash.

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