Have you ever been happy with a purchase, only to then be heartbroken by something you missed by a matter of only minutes? Garage sales can be like that. If only you'd shown up a few minutes earlier, then YOU would have found that rare item. That happened to me yesterday and the pain is still real.

A wonderful listener called us up yesterday and told us she was having a garage sale. She knew that I collected records and informed that they had a couple of boxes that I might be interested in. I didn't ask her to hold anything back, in fact, I wasn't sure what she had for sure. She mentioned that there was a lot of country and some rock too. So after work I grabbed the kids and headed to the sale. When we pulled up there was only one other car at the sale. What were the odds that they were there for records too? It turns out they were.

What made the situation even more humorous was the fact that I knew the other person buying records. We went to high school together and I hadn't seen him in years. We made small talk and I asked if he had found anything good. He proceeded to flip through the few records he was holding. It was about halfway through that my heart sank. I missed getting a copy of 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson by a few minutes. One of the greatest albums of all time, one of the albums of my youth, an album very hard to find when searching stores and sales, I missed by a few minutes. I let out an audible groan. The other buyer hurriedly paid for his records and left. He left with 'Thriller' and what was left of my heart.

Fortunately, I was able to find some more records that I was interested in. I picked up a couple from Dwight Yoakam, a George Strait greatest hits record, an Eagles record I didn't have and some early Journey. All for a dollar each. But all afternoon I kept thinking about the one that got away. Just like fishing, record collecting can also be about the one that got away. We'll meet again 'Billie Jean'....

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