The new hospital in Iowa City is scheduled to open in just a few months. Take a look inside on a virtual tour that you control.

Two years ago next month, we went into the basement of the current hospital where mock rooms had been set up. They literally looked like they could house patients, but they were actually just being used for testing. They wanted to make sure they did everything right when it came time to build the new hospital. They went to great lengths to accomplish it. Here's the video we shot that day:

The progress has been amazing over the last two years. Now, here we are less than six months from the hospital's opening date. University of Iowa staffers told us last week the hospital is scheduled to open December 10. Let's take a look inside. You can actually hold down your mouse in this video and take a 360-degree look around.

Our 20th Annual Radiothon for Children's Miracle Network and the University of Iowa Children's Hospital will happen August 25 and 26 in Iowa City. It will be our last in the existing children's hospital but the new hospital will be even better for the young patients and their families and for that reason everyone is looking forward to the future. Us included.

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