David Schultz, a married father of two, disappeared just before Thanksgiving of 2023. His red and white Peterbilt truck was found abandoned loaded with pigs, in the middle of the intersection of County Road N-14 where it intersects with D-15 in Sac County, Iowa. The search for Schultz ended Wednesday with the discovery of a body in a farm field.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the body of David Schultz was found in a field not far from where his truck was found abandoned over five months ago. According to a statement from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, an individual contacted the Sac County Sheriff's Department that he had found a body in his farm field shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday. KCCI reports that Schultz's wife Sarah, said that the body was identified as her husband by the boots he was wearing.

Schultz's body was found just one and a half miles from where he disappeared last year. The Gazette reports that The United Cajun Navy, a nonprofit group from Louisianna, assisted in searching more than 100,000 acres in and around Sac County for Schultz.

Sarah Schultz is expected to hold a press conference this morning near where the body was found. The Gazette reports that the place where the body was found was not within the area searched by the United Cajun Navy because authorities told the group the area had already been searched.

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