Each Friday morning at 6:30 a.m., 98.1 KHAK's Brain & Courtlin pay tribute to an Eastern Iowa first responder. The weekly honoree receives a $25 gift card to Wild Hogs Saloon and Eatery in Walford and a $25 gift card to Honor and Respect.

Today we honor Aaron Bunge, who was nominated by Barb Ryker and Emmy Bunge! The entry reads:

"After experiencing a house fire at his own home where the family lost everything and their two beloved dogs, Aaron joined the Volunteer Fire Department in Fairfax to give back to those who helped them in so many ways, and to his community that supported their family. Even though he's very busy with a family with many activities and a job, he never hesitates to drop everything and go on a call or help out as needed.

From his children Ryker and Emmy: 'My Dad deserves to be recognized because even with a torn ACL he is still willing to go on calls, despite his knee pain. I am proud of my dad and all he does for others.'"

Barb Ryker
Barb Ryker

Congratulations to Aaron! We thank him for his service and dedication to our community!

Our First Responder Friday winners are selected from nominations submitted by you! You can make a nomination below. When including your photo, please keep in mind that any kids in the picture need to be your own. Please let us know if we have parental permission to post the children, otherwise their faces will be covered when the photo is published to our sites. Thank you for your submissions!


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