A research team has located the wreckage of the USS Juneau, the ship the carried that five Sullivan brothers from Waterloo, Iowa when it sunk during the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. A Japanese torpedo sunk the ship, claiming the lives of 687 crew members, including the five brothers who had joined the Navy and asked to serve together.

The research crew is funded by billionaire Paul Allen. The team found the wreckage on St. Patrick's Day resting on the floor of the South Pacific near the Solomon Islands.


The Juneau sank in only 30 seconds after being torpedoed. Due to the risk of further attacks from the Japanese, rescue efforts didn't happen until 8 days later. Only 10 survivors were found.

Among the lost were all five Sullivan brothers, George, Francis, Joesph, Madison, and Albert. Their story inspired the 1944 movie 'The Fighting Sullivans.' Their story also touched a nation at war. The brother's deaths became a rallying cry for the war effort and their images were used on posters.

'They Did Their Part'
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The Navy has since named two destroyers in honor of the Sullivan brothers.


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